You may say I'm a dreamer

But I'm not the only one. And it's good to know! As we go through life, we meet other dreamers and connect with them. We bond over our optimism and positive outlook. We try to see the best in people and situations. In fact, this is me with my blonde hair. Well, a thinner version anyway! One of the best compliments I was ever given was from a friend and fellow teacher who said she loved my 'flowery edges' and my creativity. Another said I was a 'breath of fresh air'. Although, the first did also point out, quite frequently, as we drunk our wine that I 'wasn't very organised!' Well you can't be everything! 

I suppose I have always been a daydreamer, or a Dolly daydreamer, with my head in the clouds, a creative soul, from being a small child. I was the child who lined up all her teddies and dollies for afternoon tea, who sat them in a circle to do the register and read them a story. Yes, children's role play but this imagination is really important at a young age. I wasn't just playing the teacher, I was the teacher.

Books fed the creative soul that I was. I loved visiting Narnia one minute, then playing with Milly Molly Mandy in the orchard the next. Then I'd step into the Magic Elevator to have tea with Mary Poppins. On my way home, we'd pop into Danny the champion's caravan to hear his dad tell stories about this fantastic fox and raisin loving pheasants. I do think of disappearing into a wardrobe to Narnia on the odd day. I'm only human!

My favourite worlds were the wonderful worlds of Enid Blyton's imagination. I've always said I would love to havs afternoon tea with Enid Blyton and Agatha Christie! I'd love to delve into their fabulous minds!

As a young girl, I'd visit the Magic Faraway Tree, be swept up in the Wishing Chair and find myself in an Enchanted wood, talking to mythical creatures and going on adventures. 

My favourite adventures were with the Famous Five, ginger beer in one hand and a map in the other. I longed so much to go to Malory Towers, where Darryl was my best friend and we'd enjoy midnight feasts in our dormitory. 

Books and their magical worlds fed my imagination as a young girl. They say to be a  writer, you need to be a reader first. I fell im love with all these characters and places and I still do now, as an adult. Suspend your disbelief. Go ahead and believe it.

Reading has stayed with me into adulthood. I do miss those sunny afternoons of storytime, the sun dappling through the window as our teacher read us the next inatalment of the story. Her voice undulating and mesmerising as she held our minds and her book in the palm of her hands. I often think of those lovely school days where I began my love for stories and books. A yearning to learn more.

I absolutely adore this next quote. Who says you need to lose your pony tails just because you get older?

Yes. I feel the time is right to go back and re read all my childhood books, if they aren't out of print that is! I loved a set of hard back books by Jane Shaw following a young girl, turned detective called Susan. Her first book was Susan's Helping Hand and I can't find them. I remember she travelled around Europe, especially Switzerland. 

When I finally met Anne, I fell in love. I wanted to be this quirky, spirited, brave, funny girl. Her imagination helped her through a hard childhood until she came to Green Gables. And it helped her through her whole life thereafter.

I loved her dramatic way of looking at things, especially friendship, with her kindred spirit Diana. She spoke often of having a scope for the imagination. When she was sad, she wasn't just sad, she was 'in the depths of despair'!

When Anne imagined these wonderful things, it was so much better when some of them actually came true too! I used to imagine I lived in the lovely Green Gables. Still do!

In later years, the quotes I remember from Anne have helped me. As has using my imagination in certain situations! 

I was the dreamer in lessons, staring out of the window, to another world. At dinnertime, my friend and I would lay on the bankings, looking up at the sky, following the fluffy clouds. It doesn't mean you are always in this fluffy world, it just means you become very skilled at fluctuating from one world to another. From the sometimes harsh reality of today you can visit the warmer climate of nostalgia in the past or the excitement of the future. I do feel I have an old, vintage soul. A soul that delights in things from a byegone era. 

When I step into an antique shop, I am so happy. Some women feel at home in chic boutiques, shopping for the latest in season outfit. Whereas,  I am at home amongst the past, the 'so last season', in fact, the wrong decade! I love trying on jewellery, especially rings. I long to know the story behind each piece of vintage jewellery. Who cherished each jewel?

It's not denial. It can become a very good coping mechanism. When people comment I am always upbeat and happy, I'm like, you don't see me at home, fedup! I just choose to focus on the good when I am out, to be happy with who I am with and what I am doing.

For so long, I have felt some criticism from a few people about my eternal optimism! I have taken that criticism and poking fun of to heart, but not anymore. It's who I am. I have spent years being the pacifier, the go between, the one who wants everyone to get along, the ego stroker, the compromiser, the 'let's make the best of this' person. Yes, I have been naive and now realise it is a dream and it would be a miracle if everybody just got along. I'm still there though, trying to get person A to talk to person B. Maybe I should just leave them to it?

I think it's lovely to view life with fresh eyes and try to look on the bright side of life. Even use your rose tinted glasses too. Imagine if everyone had tired eyes and viewed everything through a dark visor, casting a shadow over everything? There are such folk!  

Better to see the best in people and in situations. Being a dreamer lets you, 'What if?' This can be quite magical and open up so many new, interesting doors for you. Keep open minded. Dare to dream and things will happen. 

I love this quote from Emily Dickinson. 'Dwell in possibility'. Yes! Live amongst the thoughts that things can happen. 

Surround yourself with those who push you, help you to achieve what you want to do. The encouragers who see you have it in you, not the criticisers who drag you down, any chance they get. 

Or, as the popstrel Debbie Gibson sang, 'Anything is possible, if you put your mind to it!'

I suppose it is about dreaming big but also dreaming in small steps. Love where you are and what you have in life but still dream a bit more. I love this from Curly Girl designs and my friend once bought me a cup with it on.

I do get we have to be practical, at times and I do realise there are greyer days than others. There is also much drama to be had as adults and I have kind of got through this, living, where I can on the periphery of everything, in my own little bubble, looking stunned when drama queens have tried to drag me into the centre of conflict. I will quickly retreat back to my bubble thank you very much. I do not handle conflict very well!

Anyone else guilty of being 'away with the fairies'? Good! What an amazing place to be! I want this sign to put on my door! 

But then, we all need some fairy dust in our lives. Sprinkle it all over!

It is about believing. There is magic in people and in everyday life. You just have to be open to finding it!

I love this definition of a dreamer. Being a dreamer to some folk can sound flimsy. But you can be a dreamer and a doer. In group projects, the idea has to be dreamed up first or you won't even start! And if you have dreamt up a plan, you want to see it through to the end, especially if you are a Virgo! Dreamers are actually strong people, especially in this modern world. They go through and face hard times, yet they still insist on believing in better times, in the goodness of people and that things will turn out right in the end. There's nothing flimsy about that! 

I so love everything Disney and firstly, I believe Disney is for every age. I've visited Euro Disney three times now and I was so excited to get the autographs of Mary Poppins and Burt, even in my 40s!

And secondly, whatever happens, keep on dreaming. Keep thinking of what is possible. 

I love my quotes. This was stuck on the wall at one the schools I worked at and, as I passed it on a daily basis, it became my daily mantra while I was there. Perhaps I need to start saying it to myself again?

So, dream a little dream, or a big dream! But dream! If you feel in limbo or lost, as I have, don't stop dreaming. More than anything, this is the time to hold onto your dreams, your inner desires and never give up. 

Think back to that child who loved learning and reading, who enjoyed the simple, everyday things in life. Remember her optimism for the future, her hopes and dreams. That girl is still there, wishing the best for you. She knows the way, even if you have forgotten. 

Reverting back to the beginning, we can imagine, in the words of John Lennon, a world where we 'live as one'. We can all contribute to this bigger picture by living this way in our way, in our own small worlds. I am still quite naive and try and get everyone to get along, to 'come together' but I have realised other's reactions to folk are out of my hands. I do think though, that if more people reacted to others by looking at the patterns and depths of their souls; by viewing what's on the inside; by seeing, not overlooking their good intentions because of their age, gender, colour, religion, class, profession, we would be a bit nearer to John Lennon's prohetic words and his dream. 


  1. Definitely time you wrote that book!!!

  2. Loved this blog n can't wait to read the next one

    Its true and inspiring. In a world of social media and hectic lifestyle, we all need to unplug and dissappear into the world of a good book.

  3. I remember frequently been told away with the fairies and now I see it’s a positive loved your blog dreaming such beautiful quotes a pleasure to read. Yes you should write that book dream big 💕🌈😊🙏🏻🦋🧚‍♀️

    1. Thankyou my dear. I think we both dream big!


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