I remember seeing a quote saying we need to leave heartprints, as well as footprints. I loved that quote. I imagined little heartprints with people's initials on, being left all over. Everywhere! Bright heartprints, the colours of Skittles and pastel heartprints, like the Sweetheart sweets. What a lovely place we'd live in! All bright and sweet smelling! Not only that, folk would be happier and walk around with smiles on their faces!

When I think of my own heartprints, mine are a variety of purples, ranging from lilac to deep purple, depending on my mood that day. Purple is my favourite colour so I would be spreading purple happiness everywhere! This does sound a bit like a children's cartoon but sometimes, as adults, we need to revert back to when we were kids and use our childlike brains and imaginations. Back when it was a simpler time. 

"Miss, she's pinched my pencil with the apple rubber on top!"

"Give it back and say sorry."


Best pals again, skipping off to playtime!

Sometimes as adults, it's as if, we still need a teacher or other adult to be in the middle, helping the healing, diffusing the friction and reminding us what we need to do and how we need to treat each other. I will put my hand up to fallout via messages, no face to face, that went too far, now we are no longer friends. Falling out momentarily has become too easy in this day and age of social media, like it's someone else doing the falling out. The real people, behind the phones and screens don't really get involved. Before you know it, you've fallen out, with no going back. No, Miss she said that, say sorry, sorry and skipping off to play. 

After people part ways, lose touch and aren't as close anymore, it's hard to just switch off those feelings. Memories will keep coming back to remind you of things you did together. Hard at first, but it's ok because nothing takes away your history and those good times. They will always be there. 

This can even be said for those you meet along the way who were never really nice to you and you tried and tried with them but to no avail. You can't make people be nice to you. It's as simple as that. 

So, think about your heartprints and what colour they'd be. How many people do you think you affect on a daily, weekly, monthly basis? And how do you affect them? That really makes you think. You just go about your day to day business, helping people, caring for certain people, thinking of others and sending a text or a card. Doing favours for people and putting yourself out for family and friends. They are big heartprints those! Think about that smile you take for granted, that easygoing personality and willingness to help. They all go a long way!

What's lovely about heartprints is that they stay with you and whoever you have helped. Long after you have gone back home, your kind deed and thoughtfulness stays with that person. A small act to you but massive to them. Never underestimate what might seem a small thing to you, can mean the world to them. I was distraught when my phone died last month. I took it to Vodafone and the lovely man went out of his way to help me. He did far more than he needed to. He could see I wasn't into technology! It meant so much to me and I was really grateful. 

How you make people feel is so important. Some people throw about words without thinking of the effect they have on others. Some, say them, knowing the effect! 

It's not hard to think about what you are saying to someone, and who you are saying it in front of. The old saying, 'would you like it said to you?' is good advice. If it is a constructive criticism, it is still criticism, so choose who you are saying it in front of. Some conversations should be private to spare feelings and awkwardness. 

Think of something nice to say and blooming well say it! Lift that person up! They might then, lift you up in return! 

Choice of words do matter but it is how that person felt that matters the most. We all have certain memories of people in our lives. We smile when we think of the compliments, the encouragement and the way they made us feel good about ourselves.

I so love the idea of painting the world kind. And happy!  Obviously, that isn't going to happen, maybe in a Roald Dahl or David Walliams book, but it's a nice thought anyway. Imagine us all walking around with our favourite colour paint of Kindness and painting others happy.  Spotting those who look a bit down or anxious that day. This isn't that far fetched as this is what a smile and a 'hope you are ok?' can do for people, day to day. 

Think about your legacy. For those who will talk of you in the future. I'm sure I will be remembered for my rushing about, being last minute, over sharing, being quirky and a dreamer. I'm hoping I'll also be remembered for those times I helped and listened. I might talk for England but I do try and listen!

Kindness is free; it does not cost anything to be kind. It makes you feel good. I am lucky with my kind hearted close family and friends. I do believe kind souls find each other. They look past the exterior appearance and into the soul. Yoh could tell me you had a million pound yacht in San Tropez or a villa in Miami. Wow! But I'd actually be more interested in the story about how you helped an old neighbour that morning or a new place doing voluntary work. That leaves more of a lasting memory on me than any material things. 

The things we need to live by are simple. Sometimes they get over complicated. Have a heart full of love and gratitude; a sympathetic, listening ear; a mind that does not judge and a readiness to help others. When we have empathy, we put ourselves in the shoes of others. Empathy is so underrated. It can make people pause and think before they act or speak. It can remind you to think about what kind of mark you are making on that person and in their life.

And one of the best bits is that your heart is refillable. You fill it up, share the love, then refill it. Others around you can help in the refilling. We all help each other grow stronger emotionally and spiritually. 

We can make a difference. We can leave an image with people. As well as a heartprint, leave a trail of glitter too, filled with Kindness, however big or small. Maybe save the big, rainbow trail for special occasions, when someone really needs it. I do love the quote, 

'Don't let anyone dull your sparkle.'

Well, make sure they don't stop you leaving a heartprint either!


  1. True!!! The old saying if you can't be kind be quiet comes to mind.

  2. Ah this is a beautiful blog heartprints what a lovely image that paints for me I would be blue (favourite colour) with a trail of glitter in many colours. Treat people how you would want to be treated yourself xx

    1. Oh yes. You would be a glittery blue! Lovely words thankyou.


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