The hygge way!

 The Hygge Way!

In the past three years, I have slowed my pace down, quite a lot! I had been thinking about slowing down, often, but it was my health that made me in the end. And leaving my teaching career. I slowed down so much that I actually stopped. Not just a pause, but an emergency stop when I look back! 

I then started to carry on but at a much slower pace, not fitting as much in and taking more notice of things. More simple things that I had taken for granted before. I had been too busy to notice them or apprciate them. Now I did. The quote above from pinterest is so important because it was what I needed to do, and was doing, without realising I was following a certain way.

This quote too, showing the importance of noticing the small, everyday details. I was back as a youngster, taking everything in and questioning what was around me. Not chasing onto the next event.

I have found a few lovely books about the Hygge way of living. TK Maxx has a fab selection of these hardback books.

Take pleasure in the small, everyday, rather than saving up for the big things that sometimes aren't as good when they do happen! I love this quote.

This book loves lovely, about enjoying the simple things and small, everyday rituals. The cover looks so cosy!

This is a fab quote too because I realised, although I did enjoy the things I was cramming in, especially at weekends, I was always rushing off or arriving stressed and running late. Enjoy the now now! 

It is about taking each day at a time and finding pleasure in each day. A dog walk, a cup of tea in your favourite mug, a chapter of a good book, a hug from your family or friend, your size in that dress on the rail. Little things all adding up to make you smile and be grateful. Being grateful brings us joy. 

I love the idea of finding magic all around. Of making ordinary things special. Just lighting a candle, putting some relaxing music on and making a cuppa can be quite magical!

I do love this from facebook. So many little joys in life! 


  1. Love it! Think a lot of people this past 2 years have had to slow down and reflect on what is important in life.


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