Paddington Bear

 Paddington Bear

I have just watched the Platinum Jubilee sketch with our beloved Queen having tea with Paddington Bear and I got all emotional again! It was one of the highlights of the Jubilee weekend, a surprise for everyone and heartwarmingly nostalgic. Lovely memories of this little bear with a blue duffle coat and a suitcase have come flooding back. I can hear the narrator's voice from the 80s even. 

I really enjoyed the sketch with the Queen smiling and getting her marmalade sandwiches out of her bag. If Pooh bear is jars of honey then Paddington is marmalade sandwiches! I mean, you never know when there will be such an emergency! I would have Marmite sandwiches though!

This is such a lovely illustration too from pinterest. They both look so happy. Look at all those marmalade sandwiches he is stuffing into his suitcase!

When we were growing up in the 70s and 80s, there were a few famous bears. Winnie the Pooh, Rupert and Paddington being three of the beloved bears we read about and watched on television. I loved Paddington, created by Michael Bond. I loved his duffel coat and floppy hat. He always had kind eyes too. Clutching onto his suitcase with his marmalade sandwiches.

Paddington is a wonderful childhood memory. So is Pooh bear. I am so nostalgic for my childhood bears and toys.

I love this from pintetest!

I have just read that Paddington won a Bafta for the lovely sketch with the Queen. It prompted me to finish this blog! And some others! Paddington, always, with his love of family shows is what matters. We have loved watching the recent films. This quote is taken from the film.

This one too. Such a heartearming film. I need to watch them both again!

I do think we have a lot to learn from this lovely bear. I love this pinterest quote. It reminds me of visits to see my brother and sister in law. I would just people watch in this busy city. So many different people, all going about their daily lives. 
Each person having their own special qualities. 

It's great that we are all different and like different things. We all add something amazing to our get togethers and conversations. Winnie the Pooh knows this too!

It takes time to realise, well it did me, that you need to be yourself. I will no longer try to be what I could never be just to fit in. Just like Paddington.

Paddington is one of those characters who gets everyone talking and just getting along. Things seem happier and easier when he is around. Such a lovely way of aporoaching life. 

Such a friendly little bear. Always good to be inquisitive! I love his excitement for the little things in life too! 

So, as they say, 'Keep calm and love Paddington Bear!' Keep some of that childlike outlook on life. Keep packing those sandwiches and exploring what is out there!

I love the openness of Paddington. And pooh Bear. Like they would listen to you for hours  nodding away and offering more marmalade and honey. Such a reassuring thought!  Bears still hold this quality for adults too.

Both bears know the importance of friendship and how to be marvellous friends to everyobe around them.

Take a tip from two of my favourite bears. Enjoy the here and now. 


  1. Yes enjoy the here and now we are all different it's what keeps the world going round!!


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